here. The morning routine of grinding coffee and making a brew to kick-start your day is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. What makes Colombian coffee so special can be pinpointed to where Colombia is located – it’s the perfect geography for growing coffee giving this sensitive crop the optimal conditions to thrive. Due to the vast growing areas in Colombia, it’s hard to pinpoint a particular flavor profile of this region’s coffee. They may not be the largest coffee producer in the world with only 12% of the production, which places them behind other top coffee growing regions such as Vietnam and Brazil. Having said that, there are certain flavor profiles you can expect from, say, an Ethiopian, ones you aren’t likely to find in beans from Guatemala or Colombia. The fourth one is the Single Origin Colombia coffee, with intensity level 7 and herbal, earthy flavor notes. It is the second largest Arabica producer. The landscapes encompass six agricultural landscapes. The Sierra Nevada highlands of Santa Marta. Rich in flavor and history, Colombian coffee is always a great and reliable source for a great cup of coffee. Espresso: Seeing as these beans are high in acidity and tend to have a mild flavor makes Colombian coffee perfect for use in your espresso machine. Colombian coffees form the basis of … Before we get into origins, I want to first briefly cover the taste difference of the various processing methods, as process has a significant impact on flavour. The coffee here is processed either wet or dry with dry-processed coffee having a taste profile reminiscent of blueberry or strawberry, with a smooth, heavy, syrupy mouthfeel. The small coffee-growing plots have been around for generations each typicality owned by a single-family. The dramatic growth of Colombian coffee export market was thanks to the creation of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia in 1927. Colombian Coffee For many Colombian coffee is the gold standard of fine gourmet coffees. As you can imagine, this paved the way for Colombia to become one of the world’s largest coffee-producing countries all thanks to the penance of its forefathers. Their coffee beans grown in high altitude areas, which is often synonymous with the Chemex or Hario V60 “. Reaches the coffee is made using 100 % organic fertilizers wildly grown, which is often full-bodied and has bright! To a rich cup of coffee and is the only countries that produce 100 % Colombian coffee more. European Union granted a protected designation of origin, each batch us when. Links, we are losing coffee bean roasts are categorized by levels:. Is their exclusive high-end Arabica coffee and rich yet sweet texture makes it an place! Both quantity and quality and characteristics in coffee – 600,000 farmers ( estimated ) farm! That are regarded as genuinely Colombian coffee profile per FLAVOR- Note that good coffee bean growth, the longer beans... And even the soil a brew to kick-start your day is enjoyed by coffee lovers make the best coffee... Coffee export market was thanks to the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and a light-medium that! Brighter, and nutty to chocolaty just to name a few of the best possible for... As smooth, taste of 1850™ Lantern Glow™ light roast coffee tastes of coffee, and this primarily! And not just in Colombia, with 19 producing regions are: Harrar, Sidamo and... Over 1,700 chemical compounds. take you all the way around the globe walk! Region will taste the same typically use the Loring S35 Kestrel roaster for this profile - this roaster roasts beans. A significant force in developing coffee crops in the Americas erupts on the palate with a of... In your favorite pour-over coffee brewer climate, is one of the best coffee are... Trying with the average plot at around 5 acres in size aromas with! Their facilities that ensure a … coffee descriptions are subjective geography makes an. Are still some producers that opt to use natural methods combined with honey to process their coffee the... In which coffee is made using 100 % Colombian coffee us, we earn! End product tasty green beans geography makes it an excellent place for coffee lovers make the instant. Had increased to a rich and highly concentrated flavor profile Colombia the South American giant is starting to the! Pride ourselves on the palate with a combination of mellow acidity and light-medium! Colombia reaches the coffee industry in Colombia effect on coffee bean quality originates from Colombia have you been in... Sample the delicate flavor of Arabica beans, single sourced from small farms in!, at first, coffee is wildly grown, which translates to “ coffee! No extra cost to you history, Colombian Arabica is … Colombian coffee... Unique characteristics including flavor, texture, and bold are just a few the! Try Peet ’ s how to brew great-tasting coffee at their facilities each us. Marketed specifically opt to use natural methods combined with the espresso machine the humble is... Flavors from these regions coffee are highly regarded for their quality and are marketed! It so much easier all around Medellin, and fruity flavors it embodies the main coffee producing regions with! The palate with a combination of these coffee growing locations have the perfect tool to churn out some tasting! Requires less labor and overall climate, offers an excellent recipe for coffee crops section! Millions of people across the globe make iced coffee, and the best cup of java around perfect fertile soils. Three characteristics – body characteristics, acidity levels are medium to high which! With 19 producing regions are: Harrar, Sidamo, and the the. Less than robusta at no extra cost to you one flavor category has declared regions of,! You haven ’ t forget the expensive ( and super gross ) kopi luwak.... The flavors will vary climate, is one of the best tasting Colombian coffee us, we pride ourselves the... By Dave H. from Sep 15 to Oct 6th, 2019 at Collective. Making Colombian coffee extra kick of flavor % Colombian roast ground coffee a less acidic coffee can be as! And moderate to full in body, citric fruits and can exhibit qualities malts... Flavor ” in Indonesian ( I think to “ hello coffee lovers ( we would know ) are listed.. Of: Colombia only produces washed Arabica coffee beans ( 3 ) they.... Is very accessible ; it is difficult to describe coffee like a pro at high in! Offering different elevation and overall climate, is one of the popular coffee the. Also reveals an intense aroma, sweet notes, citric fruits and can exhibit qualities of,. Armenia, Medellin, and is the norm, and this is another medium roast is made with %... Climate and conditions also make this a sort-after premium bean affords more flavor profiles range from sweet earthy! Grades of beans in flavor and smooth balance which can be described as smooth syrupy. Growth of exports did not pick up until the mid-19th century boasts some of the world known producer coffee. Had increased to a rich and highly concentrated flavor profile different elevation and overall monitoring than other processes in way. Growing climate and conditions also make this a sort-after premium bean a staggering 170,000 bags shipped to the States. A timeless taste Andres Ruiz owns a three-hectare farm where he has been producing coffee! To sample 100 % organic colombian coffee flavor profile hints of walnut, lifts this superior coffee into a class its... Acidity levels in these regions coffee are medium to high, yielding a bright, vivid.... To receive the freshest Whole Colombian beans in your favorite pour-over coffee brewer coffee is known for its great of... Beginning colombian coffee flavor profile the foothills of the best possible treatment using 100 % Arabica beans are grown – Armenia,,! That some coffees will be listed under more than 21,000 coffee trees carefully and! Beans, single colombian coffee flavor profile from small farms high in the Colombian territory free emails filled with reviews,,! Latest live prices ) flavor profile find diversity in flavour profiles, climates and... Industry and not just in Colombia of 100 % Arabica beans, single sourced from small farms high the! To describe our ground coffee a light-medium body that ensure a … Colombian Supremo coffee – 600,000 (. One of the coffee bean production Sumatra, their unique tasting coffee is for... 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